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Wantage Auto Insurance

Your New Wantage, NJ Auto Insurance Policy

Ready to get affordable Wantage, NJ auto insurance? Then you’re on the right website. Conrad Insurance can improve the quality of your insurance policy and save you money. We are an independent insurance agency that does takes care of our clients in ways our competitors don’t. Perhaps your current agent can’t find you a plan you like or a plan you can afford. We can do both. Contact us today to find the perfect car insurance plan.

If You Have Insurance:  Is it Enough?

Insurance is required for all drivers. But that doesn’t mean selecting just any car insurance plan is a smart move. Insurance plans weren’t created equal. Some cover only the state requirement, while others fully protect the drivers. Many consumers fail to purchase comprehensive plans that cover more than what is required by state laws. They do this because they don’t think they can find an affordable comprehensive plan. At Conrad Insurance, we have access to all the top plans in the state so we can get you set up with a comprehensive plan that is affordable.

Get Educated

Being an educated driver is important. There are certain things about insurance and the insurance buying process you should know. Fortunately, you won’t have to take a test to learn insurance or conduct hours of research to learn the things you need to know. That’s because we here at Conrad Insurance would like to help educate you. All you have to do is as us any questions you may have and we’ll be glad to answer.

Covering Up the Holes With GAP Insurance

If you have a current loan on your car and your current agent hasn’t offered GAP insurance, it’s time to make the switch to Conrad Insurance. GAP insurance protects individuals that are committed to a car loan in the event they get into a costly accident and need money to cover the difference between the loan balance and the amount awarded in a claim. GAP insurance will pay the difference, leaving you free from paying big bucks out of your own pocket.

We Will Get All Your Cars Insured

Every car you own needs to have comprehensive auto insurance. We’ll make that happen at a price you can afford. That’s what we do here at Conrad Insurance. Many of our clients own multiple vehicles. Perhaps your children are licensed drivers and so is your spouse. We’ll get them all set up with an auto insurance policy that is perfect.

The Conrad Insurance Way

How we do business here at Conrad Insurance is to treat each customer with respect and provide necessary insurance buying advice. We are contracted to sell insurance plans from all the top carriers in our state. That’s good news for you because it means you’ll get to choose from the most competitive plans. Choice is good!