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When you call us, the person who answers the phone is going to know you by name.

Lauren Conklin, Claims Advocate

“Chuck and I worked on insurance matters at my former employer for over 10 years. Chuck always took whatever time was necessary to explain concepts and terms I was unfamiliar with, & he took the mystery out of our insurance policies. Check also had a friendly way about him, and we became good friends.”

Stan J.

“Chuck Conrad is extremely knowledgable in the insurance field. he helped our family out and saved us money! I would strongly suggest using his firm.”

Alison A.

“Chuck is a friendly and knowledgable insurance broker. He always takes the time to answer my questions and make the best recommendations for me. I appreciate his personal attention and approach to insurance.”

Gordon K.

“Chuck is helping me with my complicated insurance needs and is good at his job. Very professional.”

Brett H.

“Superior knowledge of the industry with excellent follow up”

Mike H.

“I have entrusted Chuck Conrad to provide insurance services for both my home and business needs for over 15 years. What sets Chuck apart from other providers and agencies is his personal touch. He truly takes the time to understand my risks and needs and aligns the appropriate and competitively-priced policies accordingly.”

Scott C.

“Chuck goes the extra mile to find the right insurance for your needs at the best price available. He asks the right questions to ensure you know what your really looking for and doesn’t try to oversell.”

Michael P.

“Chuck is fantastic! He consolidated my USAA auto policies and Chubb homeowners and saved me a ton of money! He is very proactive and always looking for ways to improve my coverage and reduce my costs. Great service. I recommend him all the time.”

Barry E.

“Chuck has been my insurance agent for many years. Most of that time he was working with associates in a different office. When my insurance needs became a little more complicated and his old office began to essentially ignore me, I was happy to find that Chuck had opened his own insurance business. I had done some research about investment properties with other agents and companies, never heard back from any of them. When I called Chuck, he immediately went the extra mile to help me get the right companies and policies for my current needs – and my premiums are lower as well! Thank you Chuck!”

Amira D.

“I have known Chuck for 15 years and he has helped me and other family member with home owners insurance. Last year I decided to group my auto and home insurance with a national carrier. The transition was not only difficult but costly. I called Chuck and he was able to quickly group my insurance, get me the coverage I needed and at the right price! I would highly recommend Chuck’s Agency.”

Maria G.

“Extremely personable and at the same time the utmost professional. Chuck goes above and beyond for your best interest.”

Denise O.

“I worked for Chuck a few years back and I can say he is dedicated to his customers and respected by his employees. Chuck was omni-present in our agency, a real problem solver. Unlike most people, I got to see my broker at work and believe me, he will work for you.”

Keith B.

“We have clients been of Chuck for about 20 years. Originally we met him via a cold call and were taken by his directness and charm. He has always been very responsive and thoroughly honest in his dealings with us. He has directed us over the years to the most cost effective insurance for our needs. Recently, one of cars was in an accident and Chuck spent quite a bit of time directing us in what exactly had to be done to receive recompense.”

Linda M.

“I have known Chuck for many years and no matter how large or small the requirement he always gives 110%. I consider him an exceptional resource in the Insurance field and will continue to use him and recommend him to others.”

Robert P.

“We have done business with Chuck for almost two decades. In that time, Chuck and his team have never let us down. Great Rates! Great Service! They even helped guide us to providing the safest workplace possible for our team and our customers”

John D.

“I needed a new agent and got his name and called. He was very helpful and took care of everything for me.”

Sally F.

“I worked for Chuck at his previous agency. Chuck is not just a boss, he is a leader. I had plans to leave the work force for 5 years to stay home with my youngest child, I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to work alongside Chuck again. I believe in everything that Chuck stands for and he is one of the most intelligent people that I have ever worked with. Chuck’s call to action and presence in his business is quite admirable. He takes so much time sharing his knowledge and teaching each one of his employees. He values education and invests in each member of his team to ensure that he is providing his clients with the most accurate and up to date insurance industry knowledge.”

Kristen C.

“Chuck is an honest customer oriented agent.”

Joe M.

“First I admire his honesty along with professionalism and reliability”

Nicola L.

“Chuck has been our insurance agent for well over a decade. Chuck offers highly personalized, comprehensive insurance services, and appreciates his clients, His staff is capable and responsive. We feel we have a real advocate in our corner and are pleased to endorse him.”

Levente B.

“Chuck is great insurance broker who is always there when you need him.”

Tom B.

“I have been working with Chuck for all my insurance needs for the past 20 years. He is very knowledgable about all aspects of insurance and has always been available for any questions. I have continued all of my polices with Chuck and will continue to do so in the future!”

Mark H.

“I know Chuck personally and respect his business abilities completely. He is extremely knowledgeable in the insurance field.Trust Chuck Conrad with your most important insurance needs.”

Robert N.

“Chuck has been an aggressive advocate on my behalf, which is rare for procuring coverage. Typically, the more that is sold, the better for the insurance agent. With Chuck’s help, I’ve been able to increase my coverage, but pay a lower premium.”

Tracy M.

“Chuck is the best…very knowledgeable and great to work with.”

Warren B.