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Nikki Krajnyk

Nikki Krajnyk

  • Account Manager
  • nikki [at] conradinsurance [dot] net
  • 610-642-9999

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Motto: “Life is to short to drink cheap wine”
Favorite musical artist/band: Pearl Jam
First thing I would buy if I won $25million: A house on the beach in the Caribbean

When was the last time you had a proper belly laugh? Nikki, our personal lines account manager is sure to deliver one on every call. It is incredible to see Nikki connect with people on a level that has nothing to do with their insurance, just good old human to human interaction. She will be the first to tell you that “Insurance is boring and a necessary evil, I love the people part. I want to protect my clients the way I would want my family and friends protected”. Nikki has a craft of making a boring mundane process somehow funny and exciting. After a few minutes on the phone with her you will soon forget that you are rattling off VIN numbers and talking square footage of your home.

Nikki brings a lot of energy to our team- she is always upbeat and positive we haven’t figured out why yet but we think it may have something to do with how much she works out or all of the fresh air that she gets while bopping around on her motorcycle, and by the way- she isn’t the passenger. GIRL POWER! Nikki is also a devoted Mom to two young boys- and she has more than enough energy to keep up with them.

She is just one of those people that never stops pushing the buck- she is always setting goals for herself, goals on top of her goals. She has admirable discipline and is not afraid to tackle the hardest of tasks. She loves challenges. Her energy and drive are invaluable to our team and our clients.

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