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Modern Insurance for Your Classic Car

Bryn Mawr Classic Car Insurance

Shopping for Bryn Mawr classic car insurance that protects your vintage vehicle? Look no further than Conrad Insurance. We are a full service insurance agency that has experience assisting classic and antique car owners in protecting their awesome vehicles. We work extremely hard – via the multiple insurance carriers we work with – to get our clients high quality protection so that there are no risks involved with owning an antique automobile.

There’s a Difference Between a Standard and Classic Automobiles

A 2015 Chevy is different than a 1957 Chevy in more than just appearance. Safety features, the engines, and car values also differ. The difference between automobile types matter to insurance companies. That’s why they offer a completely different type of policy for an antique or classic car owner than for the rest of us. Standard auto insurance won’t cover enough if you own the following type of vehicle:

A standard car or everyday car is one that doesn’t have “antique” value. These are cars that typically depreciate in value. For example, if you purchased a 2014 Honda Civic a year ago, the value of your car is now far less than what it was when you purchased it. Vehicles such as this require traditional auto insurance.

However, there are certain vehicles that require a specific classic car insurance policy. These are vehicles that, instead of depreciating in value, increase over time or due to significant restoration. These aren’t everyday vehicles. They are showroom cars, cars put up for auction to make a profit, etc. These cars aren’t coveted by buyers to drive their family around town on a daily basis. They are purchased because they are collector’s items.

Antique cars are those built at least 45 years ago. The distinction of classic car is given to an automobile originally built from 1925 to 1948. Whether your car is classic or antique isn’t what is most important. Either way, your vehicle needs to be insured via a more specific type of policy than standard auto insurance.

Classic and antique car owners need to purchase classic car insurance. This is similar to standard auto insurance, but there are certain significant differences. One difference is in cost. Although classic car insurance is affordable, it is typically more expensive than standard auto insurance. Why? Because classic cars don’t have modern safety features and are more valuable. Safety and value are two major factors in determining insurance premiums.

Getting the Protection You Desire

We are in the business of satisfying our clients. We do that by getting them enrolled in top-notch insurance policies at prices they can afford. Since classic car insurance is a niche form of auto insurance, you need an insurance agent that is experienced at selling this type of policy. That’s where Conrad Insurance can be of great assistance.

Before we get you signed up for a great classic car insurance policy, we need you to provide an estimate value of your vintage vehicle. Not sure how much your car is worth? Here is a simple guide to determining its proper value:

  • Research: Doing a bit of research through car buyer guides and previous auctions will help you assess your car’s true value.
  • Inspection: The make and model of your car isn’t everything. A car that is in excellent condition has a much higher value than an antique car that hasn’t been restored.
  • Custom parts: Add on the value of the parts you have used during restoration.

Once you have your car value assessed, we can help you obtain the best possible insurance policy.

When Something Bad Happens to Someone Good

It’s unfortunate, but bad things most certainly can happen to good people. And it seems like they happen at the most inopportune times. The good news is you can be protected in the event of something bad happening. 

Protection, in the case of classic car owners, comes in the form of a reliable classic car insurance policy. What this will do for you is protect your vehicle against significant financial loss. Insurance will cover damages resulting accidents, theft, etc. Request a quote for a comprehensive classic car insurance policy today.