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Classic Car Insurance

Your Blue Bell Classic Car Insurance Experts

Whether you recently purchased a vintage automobile or have been the proud owner of one for twenty years, Conrad Insurance can be of great service to you. We are an experienced insurance agency that has a specific type of auto insurance for our antique car owners – classic car insurance. This is a different type of insurance than standard auto policies, and we will help you understand the difference.

Understanding Classic Cars Versus Standard Automobiles

Many car owners confuse antique cars with ordinary vehicles when purchasing auto insurance. Before searching for an auto insurance policy, you first need to determine if your car should be classified as an antique car or standard vehicle. If your car is considered antique or classic, you will need classic car insurance. If not, you should purchase traditional auto insurance.

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Classic car insurance was created as a means for protecting classic and antique car owners. Standard auto insurance simply doesn’t cover enough to protect these different style of vehicles. For example, a standard insurance policy covers a modern-day vehicle that has more updated safety features. A classic car insurance policy covers vehicles that may not have the same safety features.

We Protect You From Significant Loss

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Before we are able to provide an accurate quote for classic car insurance, we need you to give us an estimate on the value of your car, which should be based on the following factors:

  • Price comparisons: By searching through car buyer guides and researching the sale price at auction of the same vehicle, you can get a pretty good estimate of the value of your automobile.
  • The condition: Price is affected by the current condition of your antique car.
  • Custom parts: The value of your car may be worth more than similar cars if you add certain custom parts and furnishings. Take this into consideration when assessing the value.

We are a full service insurance agency, offering classic car insurance for owners of vintage vehicles.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People – Be Prepared

Unfortunately, no one is immune to bad things happening to them. It would be nice if good people could be immune to accidents, theft, or other bad things happening to their beautiful antique vehicles, but that simply isn’t reality. You worked hard to purchase and restore your antique car, so it’s important to protect it.

When bad things happen to good people, how you bounce back depends on how prepared you were for the bad. Those that are prepared will be able to bounce back just fine. How do you prepare for bad things that could possible happen to your classic car? By purchasing a high quality classic car insurance policy.

Although we hope nothing bad ever happens to you or your car, we want you to be prepared just in case. Therefore, we are offering free assistance in obtaining the absolute best Blue Bell classic car insurance policy possible. 

Many of our clients that own classic cars also own a luxury home. For these clients, we also have a great high value home insurance policy for you. Contact us today to learn more.