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Is your business a risky bet or a safe bet?

Does your business have a safety culture?

Does upper management believe in, and demand, safety from its employees?

Are workers compensation near miss accidents investigated?

Have all employees "bought in" to the idea of safety?

If you can answer YES to the above questions, congratulations, your company is on the way to being a safe bet for insurance underwriters. Did you know that for every dollar invested in safety, employers see a return of $4? That's a huge return on your investment. If you answered no to the above questions your business is a risky bet. You will pay more than other businesses like yours that have adopted a safety culture.

Top notch insurance agencies know how to leverage the power of its clients safety programs with its insurance carrier partners to produce justifiable and understandable rate reductions for their clients.

When was the last time your current agent did an assessment on your business? From that assessment he should be making recommendations to solve safety issues. He should share those recommendations with the insurance companies his agency represents. Those carriers, in turn, will cut rates in an effort to fight to write businesses that believe in and practice safety.


Because insurers desperately want to insure businesses that don't have many claims. They make more money-a lot more money. Underwriters understand the power of safety programs. So should your agent.

At CONRAD INSURANCE we have a trademarked process we call SafeBet. With SafeBet, we analyze your business and offer solutions that will cut your rates and increase your bottom line. We have many resources that we share with out clients to make them SafeBets.


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