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Your Business needs a Safety Committee

So your business is growing. You have 10 employees now. You are excited to take things to the next level. Sales are up and you are busy. All is good right? Maybe.

Fast growing business sometimes make the mistake of ignoring safety. Sure you think your business is safe. Safety is common sense, right?

Not exactly. After years of setting up safety committees, we find time and time again that common sense is not so common and being safe is just being lucky.

That's why the Commonwealth of PA developed the workplace safety credit. Risk Managers know that safety does not happen by accident (excuse the pun). A culture of safety is created at businesses when upper management puts safety at the forefront of the organization. CEO's from large companies all agree; they could not enjoy success without a safety culture permeating throughout their businesses.

Setting up a safety committee is easy. We know all the steps and are happy to assist in the process. Once your committee is approved, PA will mandate that your current workers compensation insurer reduce your premiums by 5%. Furthermore, your workers compensation policy will keep the 5% discount for as long as you keep your safety committee in compliance.

I have a safety committee, now what? Our skilled team can deliver monthly or weekly talking points about relevant risks that your business faces. You will be amazed how workers will appreciate a dialog in which their ideas are valued and implemented in a team meeting setting. Byproducts of Safety Committees are increased employee morale and an increased bottom line. And of course, less claims

CONRAD INSURANCE also delivers resources and procedures to help your business with its safety efforts. Programs like: Sexual Harassment Policy, Driver Training Policy, Back to Work Program, and a customized Employee Safety Manual.

Businesses see a $4 to $6 dollar return for every dollar invested in safety. What are you waiting for?

Right now Is your business a risky bet or a safe bet? CONRAD INSURANCE developed an exclusive process called SafeBET. SafeBET helps to empower businesses to adopt a culture of safety, create safety committees, and safety programs all of which will make your business an insurance company safe bet, lowering your premiums and increasing your bottom line. Oh, by the way, we provide SafeBET for free. How is your current agent supporting your workplace safety efforts?


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