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Safety in Food Service: Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Accident-Free

Workplace hazards vary from industry to industry. While some types of work have a low incidence of on-the-job injury, some industries feature work that can be quite dangerous. In food service, Pennsylvania employers have a heavy responsibility to provide training and institute procedures that will keep workers safe. CONRAD INSURANCE | CONRAD FINANCIAL is interested in helping you protect your bottom line through risk-management techniques. Communication and training are at the top of the list in this process.

Safety Training for Food Service Employees

A quick run through procedures in the kitchen isn’t sufficient to train your food-service staff. People learn through repetition and by following examples. Pennsylvania restaurant owners and managers need to set a good, clear example when it comes to safety in food service. Additionally, each worker should be attentively trained before working alone on any task in the kitchen. By creating a welcoming, open environment in your workplace, you can encourage employees who are uncertain about a particular procedure or safety instruction to ask questions.

Communication in Restaurants

Many times safety protocols aren’t followed simply because of a breakdown in communication. Safety rules and regulations need to be clearly communicated verbally. Additionally, clear, visible signage can help your employees remember and practice safety.

SafeBET™ for Your Food Service

As a way to help our food-service clients, CONRAD INSURANCE | CONRAD FINANCIAL has developed a SafeBET™ process for Pennsylvania restaurants. The goal is to help you protect your bottom line by taking specific action steps to decrease risks within your company. Through this process, you’ll learn ways to leverage lower insurance premiums by using preventative measures. Our SafeBET™ process also has benefits that extend to employee satisfaction, productivity and retention. Check out the valuable resources available on our website, and then contact us today to find out more about how we can help your restaurant. We’re sure you’ll be delighted.


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