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Prevent House Fires with Electrical Safety

At CONRAD INSURANCE, we do more than sell insurance. One of our top priorities is helping our customers protect their families. Safety training and a healthy dose of common sense can prevent house fires.

Electrical issues are a common cause of home fires, but by following these 5 tips, you can eliminate many potential losses:

1. Regularly check and properly maintain appliances and wiring.

The majority of electrical fires are started by faulty outlets, old wiring or rigged fixes to wiring or electrical problems. If you notice a problem, get assistance from a licensed and bonded electrician rather than trying to fix it yourself.

2. Never overload wall outlets, extension cords or surge-protection devices.

Many house fires can be prevented when residents pay attention to load capacities for home circuitry. Misuse of electric cords also plays a role in avoidable house fires. Items such as extension cords and surge protectors have specifications on their packaging. If you have questions about safe circuitry loads, consult a professional.

3. Abide by UL electrical safety standards.

Make sure items you buy meet UL safety standards. If you have electrical work done in your home, make sure your electrician has passed a recent UL certification program.

4. Use childproofing measures on all open outlets.

Pets and young children can be harmed by inserting fingers or other body parts into electrical outlets. In addition to using safety closures for open outlets, make sure all outlets and light switches in your home are properly covered.

5. Replace any electrically powered tool, appliance or other device that overheats, develops an electrical short, or sparks.

When you see any signs that an electrically powered device is damaged or worn out. Don’t continue using it. Instead, replace the item or have it repair by a certified technician.

All homeowners in Pennsylvania need to carry home insurance, but protecting your family goes much farther. At CONRAD INSURANCE, we’ve developed a risk-management process to help. SafeBET™ is an easy-to-implement process focused on eliminating common risks and helping your family to stay safe while saving money. Contact us today to learn more.


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Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 5:51am EDT

Most property fires can be prevented if electrical installation condition reports are carried out on a regular basis.

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