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Family-Friendly Health and Wellness Tips

You purchase insurance as a way to protect your family. However, at CONRAD INSURANCE, we believe that an insurance policy is only part of the picture. Prevention helps our customers in Pennsylvania get lower insurance rates and save money on deductibles.

When it comes to your family’s health, there are many things you can do by way of prevention.

1. Play Pokémon GO with your family.

Get up. Get out. Get moving. Of course, before you do, take a moment to read our blog about safety practices for using the app.

2. Grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Whether you live in the country with a neat garden patch outback or in a city apartment with only a tiny balcony, you can grow some healthy food with and for your family. Do a quick online search to find tips. Then get your kids involved. You’ll get exercise as you tend the plants together, and the kids will love eating the food they helped grow.

3. Drink plenty of water.

Sugary soft drinks contribute greatly to the crisis of obesity in our nation. Water, on the other hand, has many healing and restorative aspects. Never leave for an afternoon excursion, sports practice or other events without a bottle of water for each family member.

4. Get kids involved with cooking healthy meals.

If you have trouble getting your kids to eat right, try letting them help out in the kitchen. Kids are much more likely to eat food they help prepare. Make it fun. Let them create salads in the shape of animals or cartoon characters, or have them help make healthy breakfast smoothies.

5. Get active with your children.

Sure, it’s fine for you to sometimes send the kids out to play so you can get work done, but make sure you also spend time being active with them. Kids follow their parents’ examples. Take walks together. Go on bike rides around the neighborhood. Join your kids in active games or go swimming, skating or bowling together. You and your children will benefit in many ways.

At CONRAD INSURANCE, we take an interest in the health and safety of our customers and your families. Our unique SafeBET™ process is designed to help you assess the risks you face daily. Through our unique risk-management strategies, we regularly assist customers in saving money and protecting the things that matter most. Contact us to learn more. You’ll be delighted.


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