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Safety Tips for Your Teen Driver

If you have children, you know that sense of dread all parents feel when a son or daughter first obtains a learner’s permit. This rite of passage, unfortunately, does not come with complete maturity or instant experience behind the wheel. Before your teen is ready to drive alone, much practice and many safety factors need to be in place.

Practice Makes Permanent

If the older adage, “Practice makes perfect.” were actually true, we would have far fewer accidents on our roadways. But practice behind the wheel is helpful to your teen driver. Make sure your student driver has the opportunity to practice driving with you or a qualified driving instructor in the passenger’s seat. Student drivers need to practice in a variety of road conditions. They need to practice during the day as well as after dark. As they gain confidence and experience, have them try driving on wet pavement and during inclement weather. The more good habits they pick up while practicing, the better drivers they will become.

Avoid Distractions

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 8 people are killed daily in accidents reported to involve a distracted driver. (Source: Cell phones, loud music, conversations with passengers and eating while driving are among the top distractions faced by teen drivers. Until a driver is experienced and found to be trustworthy, she or he should not be responsible for transporting peers. Although your teen driver should have a cell phone handy in case of emergency, it should be turned off while on the road. When it comes to food, eat at the table at home or in a restaurant. No teen should be eating tacos while driving 65 mph down the interstate.

Prevention can save lives. CONRAD INSURANCE works with all our Pennsylvania auto insurance customers to identify safety measures geared at keeping you and your family safe. Through our SafeBET™ process, we provide education and tools to minimize your personal risks. If you need more information about insuring a teen driver and keeping your family safe, check out our SafeBET™ process for families, or contact us today. We’re sure you’ll be delighted.


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