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Save Lives and Money with on-the-Job Safety Plans

Each year, thousands of workers are killed on the job, and thousands more are seriously injured. On-the-job accidents that result in injury or death cost business owners millions of dollars annually. At CONRAD INSURANCE, we understand that you rely on your employees to keep the doors open and the lights on. Fortunately, we also know some secrets that may help you keep your workers safe.

Fall Protection

In 2014, the number-one OSHA violation nationwide involved a lack of fall protection. Offices and construction companies alike have a responsibility to protect employees from fall risks. According to OSHA regulation, employers must provide fall protection on any elevation of four feet or higher unless otherwise excepted. Handrails, floor hole covers and anti-skid tape are all great ways to protect your employees from dangerous and costly falls.

Hazard Communication

Safety in many workplaces hinges on the safe handling of hazardous materials. Unfortunately, mislabeling or insufficient training can result in dangerous situations for employees, clients and even third parties. Make sure your workplace has sufficient supplies of hazard labels and that your employees are properly trained concerning how to handle hazardous materials.

Electrical Safety

In 2014, 74 deaths in the construction industry alone resulted from electrocution. That’s an average of nearly 1.5 deaths weekly. According to OSHA, deaths and injury from electrocution can easily be avoided by carefully following federally mandated regulations for work with electricity.

SafeBET™ for Workers Compensation

When choosing an insurance agency, experts say that business owners should look for agencies that are more than just transactional. Business owners will be pleased when they find agencies that think diagnostically and know how to use Risk Management strategies to leverage lower premiums from a large group of insurance companies. Often, business owners get frustrated by the last minute bidding process. Many agents are well intended, but lack the understanding of how Risk Management strategies can affect a business’s bottom line. There is much more to the process of obtaining competitive rates than the bidding process. Once a business owner sees the cultural shift among his/her employees, the real savings is actualized.

CONRAD INSURANCE has developed a Risk Management process of its own…SafeBET.

SafeBET™is a simplified, easy to implement process designed to lower your business’s bottom line. The effort is put into installing safety and preventive measures (not just bidding) and sharing these procedures with insurer underwriters, giving them a keen insight your business. Since other business owners are NOT doing this, The process makes your businesses a safe bet to the underwriters. Safe bets are rewarded financially. A typical byproduct is happier employees.

Although certain aspects of workplace safety are commonsense, your job as an employer is to make safety in your workplace commonplace. CONRAD INSURANCE can help. Through our SafeBET™ process, we’ll help you identify specific risks to the safety of your workers. Then we’ll help you develop strategies for minimizing and eliminating those risks.

When your company earns a better safety rating, you’ll save money in many different ways. We know you’ll be delighted.